Welcome to Wallmans

A night out at Wallmans offers a bit more of everything. We serve a unique experience that blends first-class entertainment and exquisite cuisine with amazing atmosphere. Whether it's girls' night out, a birthday party, company kick-off, or simply celebrating life – it always gets a bit better at Wallmans. Welcome to a memorable experience.

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Firmafest i 2021

Ta kontakt med oss for å starte planleggingen og se på muligheter ihht smittevern nå.

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The Experience

Walking over the bridge, you'll start to feel the excitement and the anticipation for what's to come. Hang your coat, have a drink at the bar and our talented artists will make sure you have a wonderful night out - Wallmansstyle. You are the center of attention tonight.

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The menu

The food at Wallmans is prepared with great care. Our chef composes a luxurious four course-menu highlighting the season’s ingredients. Our ambition is to surprise and exceed your expectations.

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a world class show

Not only do our stars deliver an international show and world-class entertainment, they also serve the menu and take care of you at the table. Our show follows the culinary experience hand-in-hand. Let yourself be seduced, embraced and mesmerized. Savor the full spectrum between the intimate and the magnificent.

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